And Virginia and Fairfax County…

You could have kept the mask mandates going until we reached an acceptable level of vaccination, but noooooooo.

Now vaccinated folks in high risk areas (which most folks aren’t going to know off the top of their heads) are being told to mask up again. No real mention of the fact that the Delta variant is a problem because of willingly unvaccinated folks who have been running around maskless for the past two months. Like this is somehow the fault of vaccinated folks who finally decided to dine in for the first time in 15 months.

They did post their tracker that shows if your area is substantial/risk or not. How folks who aren’t constantly online are going to get this info, I don’t know.

We’re at “moderate” for the moment in my neck of the woods. But if the state and county let things continue as they are, it’s just going to get worse, because folks who aren’t vaccinated are running around maskless because NO ONE IS VERIFYING ANYONE’S VACCINATION STATUS. And they aren’t just suddenly gonna start masking up for the greater good.

I’m *hoping* the Governor knows what he needs to do and just does it.

Though I’m super pissed at how this was botched, believe it or not, I’m fine with masking up again. (Been doing it just about everywhere as it is.) But it needs to be mandated for EVERYONE with a clear message of “this sticks until we reach an acceptable level of vaccination in the state and county” – no ditching it early. That’s where we fucked up in May. Let’s not do that again.

And I’ll admit, I’m pissed for really selfish reasons, too. I stayed home for 15 freakin’ months and got vaccinated as soon as I could, not just for my safely and the safety of those around me, but cause I wanted to be kinda social again. And now that’s getting taken away again, because people won’t get vaccinated and my federal, state, and local governments didn’t have the balls to make them do it.

I’m just very…

Gif of David Rose from Schitts Creek looking very cranky
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