Next Olympics…

I really need to take vacation, LOL. We’re what, three days in and I’ve got probably 20 hours of coverage on my DVD I still haven’t seen yet. Even fast forwarding through all the ads & interviews, I’m not sure how I work and sleep and see all that I want to see.

And am I the only one slightly annoyed with “Well, the Russians are banned, but they’re all here”? So, not really banned, are they?

I’m definitely thinking about bringing my work laptop down to the living room over the next two weeks. Couldn’t really do that when I was in support, but maybe given that my work is a touch more low key these days, I could pull it off.

We’ll see how far behind I am this time tomorrow…

Have a great day, cheer your favorite folks, and get vaccinated.

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2 Responses to Next Olympics…

  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve been an Olympics obsessive my whole life, and my big lesson learned so far is that I need to upgrade my Wi-Fi package for those two weeks! The age of the streaming Olympics is a blessing and a curse. 🙂 Also, I am reeeeally going to miss NBC Sports when they kill it later this year…

    Somewhere in a closet, I still have the cheering-from-home Dan Jansen and Dominique Dawes signs I made in 1992. Didn’t help Dan at all, but obviously I take some credit for Dominique’s success. She could feel the vibes in Barcelona, I just know it.

    The Russian thing…yeeeah. I’m one of the 12 or so speed skating fans in the U.S., which means that for the past decade, I’ve been watching Russians who are *obviously* doping still compete and win. So infuriating, especially because it’s always under some cutesy “Oh, we’re not really Russia, but we totally are” name. You can see the fury on the faces of the other athletes. I feel terrible for them.

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