It’s a very small miracle

that I am awake and semi-functioning for the 7:30AM meeting. GO ME.

Then the 8AM meeting. Hoo boy that is gonna be fun. A higher up had the FUCKING AUDACITY to IM me at 10 last night suggesting we skip the meeting because we still don’t have design documents – um, no, how about we have the meeting and someone explain why we don’t have design documents. I’m not gonna be bitchy about it, but we need to at least identify what the design logjam *is* so we have half a chance at fixing it. Call me crazy, but I would prefer not to ignore the fact that we’re missing critical shit.

This project needs a disaster recovery manager – personally, I think we need to cut some of these features from the version *now* and put them in the next one, so we can really focus on what we can do in this version and do it well. But, I don’t think I’m empowered to do that… So, I will be asking today – what is the drop dead date where we decide “no, if we don’t have a design, we don’t go forward with this now” – and see if we can’t get the idea in folks heads that we can’t commit to items we don’t have designs for.

I mean, I already am pretty sure it’s gonna be, “oh no, these all have to go in this next version” and it’s gonna take forever to get the design done and we’re gonna be overcommitted and in crunch mode this fall, but I can try.

What is killing me is that I’m going to in there, be a pain in the ass, maybe accomplish nothing, and come out going, “SEE, I TOLD YOU I AM NOT RIGHT FOR THIS” and some fucking manager will be thinking, “This is great!”

I don’t wanna be great.

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