Well, I’m good for another year!

Since hitting the 2 shots + 2 weeks mark, I’ve gotten my hair cut and colored, had inside beer, the last person I hugged in 2020 was the first person I hugged in 2021, and I’ve had breakfast at my local diner. And none of it was as weird as I had been anticipating.

The haircut… OMG, so wonderful. I still feel like a million bucks and think, “Who is that sexy mofo?!” when I look in the mirror. And feeling very smart that I used disposable masks and brought extras, cause mine got all wet and I had to change it out halfway through, LOL. And my hairdresser did a fantastic job considering the mess she had to start with.

And inside beer! We went up fully prepared to do a 180 if it was too crowded or felt weird – but it was actually fine. They’re still running at reduced capacity for tables cause they don’t have enough staff, and the phrase I kept hearing over and over was, “So – how did you feel after your shots?!”

Diner still running on limited capacity as well and requiring masks – but it was great to sit down and have my eggs & bacon and read the Economist.

And tonight, we’re meeting friends for dinner at Trattoria Villagio – last place we ate out before it all went to shit. There is an old school daquiri and some short rib ragu in my near future.

I’ve seriously caught up on 14 months of social interaction in 3 days. I can easily hermit up again for another 6-12 months should the need arise, LOL.

But my lord, it is SO nice to just do a few normal things with a bit less anxiety.

Please get vaccinated – it will be great.

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