A bleary eyed Happy Pride to all! Don’t invite your oppressors to the parade. It will be interesting to see if work says anything this week, or if they do their usual “Oh shit, it’s Pride Month” message the last week of June.

It’s gonna be another brutal week at work where I try and fit roughly 6 days of work into 3 1/2. Probably should have tried to get ahead over the holiday weekend, but fuck, I shouldn’t have to work over my holiday weekend.

I don’t know how our workload scheduling got so fucked up, but here we are, and I’m going to continue to send the QC lead a *weekly* breakdown of what hours I actually have available each month, because I don’t think they realize how much “not work” shit I deal with every week and maybe that will help a little. Probably should have done that ages ago – I just didn’t realize how many meetings, focus groups, training time, etc, I deal with every week.

And this damn new project role. This has got to be a punishment of some sort, I swear. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the actual role – Scrum Master for one of our modules for the next version. JFC – agile development is SO dude centered – the reason it’s called a Scrum Master is because if they called it what it is – Administrative Lead – no guy would do it. But make it sports and D&D, and they’re all in. And I remain utterly unconvinced that I am the right person for it. (I was told I would basically be the QC liaison. This is not even remotely that in any way, shape, or form.) And I’m still listed as SM for another module that will move to agile in the version after this next one – that had better get fixed.

It should have been our QC lead as the SM – but “he’s got too much on his plate” – well, get some shit off his plate so you actually have the right person in the role.

And people think I sought out this role, FML.

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