441 days

From my community losing it collective shit and clearing the grocery stores (WTF) to fully vaccinated. In a nod to science, I dropped from double masking to single masking today, and DAMN if my face didn’t feel a bit naked – that second mask did provide quite a bit of insulation.

What a fucking 400+ days it’s been. So many lost, so many hurt, and it didn’t have to be that way. I will never forgive or forget how the last administration handled this. (Or didn’t handle it, if we’re being honest.)

And the folks that just showed their ass through all this? I saw you, and I won’t forget that either.

But to all of y’all that stayed home, masked up, got takeout, skipped haircuts, relentlessly washed your hands, and generally did your best to keep yourself AND OTHERS safe – thank you.

If you’ve not gotten vaccinated yet – please do! It really is FREE. If you’re confused by the appointment systems, seriously, just go walk up to your local pharmacy and talk to them – we’re at a point in the US where the vaccine is widely available and they can help you.

If you have gotten vaccinated – YAY, YOU!

My company finally came out with a vaccine PTO policy – get vaccinated, get two floating holidays! Retroactive! Pretty sweet for me since I only ended up taking 3/4 of a day off between both shots. I know the prize for getting vaccinated is not getting sick and keeping others safe, but some extra time off is nice, too.

And I get to wear this sweet t-shirt today!

T-shirt with cartoon cats hugging that says Hug Me I'm Vaccinated
OK, not sure I’m actually ready for hugs, but at least folks know they can stand next to me safely
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