Shiny, Happy Saturday to you

Don’t know what it’s like where you are, but we’re having a deceptively sunny day – we *might* hit 60 today, and we won’t see the 70s until next weekend. *sob*

I may have put all the plant starts out too early, LOL. Well, another lesson learned for next season.

In the Covid battle, the county has finally passed the 50% mark for first vaccinations and 34% for fully vaccinated in the total population. 64%/43% of the eligible population. We should be seeing a bit of a bump in fully vaccinated folks here in the next week – on April 21, there were 20,000(!!!) first doses – we’re coming up on that 3-4 week point for all of them. (And I get my second in SIX DAYS!!)

It’s just so weird after the first week of full eligibility, it seems like vaccinations just kinda fell off a cliff. I don’t know if we just have that many people who are just not going to get vaccinated at all, or people just don’t think there is enough supply (I know I didn’t expect to get an appointment right off the bat,) or it’s still not really accessible enough for too many people.

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s time to go hyper-local. Every pharmacy manager in a shopping center needs to be going store to store and asking who needs vaccinations. We need pop-up clinics in marginalized communities with ridiculous hours. I keep seeing announcements for walk-in clinics that you need a car to get to, and end mid-afternoon. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a car and be able to tell their boss, “Hey, I have to leave early” on short notice. (Plus, our public transit is shit these days.) We HAVE to do better.

If people can’t get to the vaccine, we have to get the vaccine to the people.

And if you’re waiting because you feel like you might be taking a dose from someone who needs it more – stop waiting – we have the supply, and here in the US, it’s open to everyone because we *did* hit those vulnerable groups first.

Go get your shot, please. Help someone who is having trouble with the appointment systems. Provide assurance for someone who is just scared.

Let’s put this pandemic in the rear view mirror.

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