Just a couple nights in a row of good sleep

That’s all I’m asking.

Last night, took forever to fall asleep. Then there were a ton of little outside noises that kept waking me up, and it never occurred to me to close the window.

Then at 4AM my body decided to inform me that it did not care for my culinary choices yesterday. I didn’t get properly *sick*, but enjoyed an hour of feeling like I was being repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen with a sharpened pencil.

Once it stopped, I passed out hard – but at that point, only 2 hours until the alarm went off.

I’m up and I’ve got my coffee, but I’m still feeling a kinda wobbly this morning. :(

But, this is where working from home (and not dealing directly with clients anymore) is a really good thing. I feel fine enough to quietly sit and work, but if I had to get in a car for an hour to get there? I’d probably call out and have to burn PTO. And I can use my lunch hour for a snooze if needed.

I may not be at the top of my game today, but everything that is due this week is well in hand and if I have a less than stellar day, it won’t cause a disaster.

But a couple weeknights of really good sleep would be welcome.

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