Happy Monday!

And it’s going to be A Week if I am remembering my to-do list from when I logged off on Friday. I’ve got…4(?) bugs I have to have finished by Thursday. Two are already started and well on their way, two can’t even be *started* until today. I think I can get out of this without 12 hour days, but there may be a late night in there. Bleh. But, it will all get done.

After all of yesterdays repotting, now I’m on the lookout for transplant shock – so far, so good, and I would say that the nerve plant is LOVING having all this new space. It’s like it doubled in size almost instantly.

A nerve plant happily spread out in a new larger pot
Happy Plant!

Half the plants in the window are theoretically blooming plants (no flowers right now) but honestly, if none of them produce another flower again, I’d be OK with it, as I’m just loving having all that green over there in the window. And I’m glad I went ahead and ordered the second set of shelves as the window shelves are getting a tad crowded. It’s coming this week, so that’s a half-day Friday project.

I keep thinking I should move a plant or two upstairs to where I work, but there is also the issue that the space where it would go is also frequented by a certain cat that would absolutely knock it over at 3AM in order to wake me for snacks. I’ll have to keep thinking on ways to have a plant or two in my workspace while also having a LilyMonster.

Welp, time to go to the thing for the capitalism. You have a good day and get vaccinated!

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