We have vaccine appointments. Woke up at 7 this morning – just one of those times where you roll over and you’re just awake. Picked up the phone and started hitting the bookmarks on the off chance there was an appointment. (I did try at 12:01AM just for shits and giggles, shocker, no appointments.)

VaccineFinder, not showing any county sites yet – expected. Harris Teeter – still only scheduling for 1C’s.

Walgreens. Hey, let’s get you an appointment!!! WAIT, WHAT?!

I was *not* prepared for that, but I managed to overcome my shock and get appointments for both myself and my brother – this coming Friday and then May 14th. Back to back at the same location, no less. And they schedule the second appointment at the same time!

I have all the emails and confirmation numbers and I am still in shock. I was fully prepared for this to take weeks – if not months. And I really didn’t think that the appointment would be so soon in relation to being able to register for it.

Bonus with the appointments being on Friday – if I feel like shit afterwards, I have the whole weekend to feel like shit, and I can save my PTO that I had planned to take the day after for nice post-pandemic things. I really wanted a Friday appointment, but would have taken anything, it was so nice how the stars aligned.

We’ll be fully vaccinated +2 weeks for Memorial Day weekend. What a way to kick off the summer. (Yes, I have booked a hair appointment that Friday. 2 shots + 2 weeks + masks – that’s doable.)

I always did like Walgreens more than CVS.

ETA: Emailed boss with time off, updated work calendar and PTO spreadsheet. It’s really happening.

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