Moar Coffee Plz

My beloved Padres played the Dodgers last night *and* it was televised here! It was a 10PM game. It went 12 innings… Hell of a game, even if the wheels completely came off at the end, but I also wasn’t in bed until after 3AM. Which wouldn’t be a huge problem, because it’s the weekend, but a certain kittycat decided at 9AM that it was very important to come in and yell at the top of her tiny little lungs, “HEY GIRL? GIRL? ARE YOU AWAKE??”

So, I am a wee bit bleary eyed this morning. And Lily is fast asleep again.

In preparation for VACCINE-O-RAMA starting tomorrow, I’ve been looking at the VaccineFinder website and sadly, it’s not super helpful. I can get a list of 50 of places that are offering the vaccine, half of which are marked as “out of stock” (why even list it then? or at least offer a toggle of “exclude out of stock pharmacies”) but the ones that are marked as “in stock” – none have appointments – and the links to specific pharmacies just go to the general store websites anyway, not to any local pharmacy website. (Which is understandable, it would take a hella long time to get every store in the database.)

The site was originally built for finding “regular” vaccines and in non-pandemic times, it’s probably very useful.

The county says that their mass vaccination sites will eventually show on VaccineFinder, but not until they finish the outstanding priority groups, and there are still 17K that are waiting for a callback, plus whoever else registers with the county today, so that will be a week or so, I guess.

So, the plan, such that it is, will be use VaccineFinder to see if any county sites have been added, then hit all my bookmarks for Walgreens, Safeway, Giant, Wegmans, CVS & Costco. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

It does not feel like a *good* plan, but it is *a* plan.

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