Happy Friday!

You made it! Good job! Every day you wake up on the right side of the dirt is hell of an accomplishment, especially these days, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sunday is the big day here in my county – WE’RE ALL ELIGIBLE TO GET VACCINATED! Watch me wear out the F5 button on my laptop, LOL.

I’ve never been this excited to get a shot in my damn life. They’re talking about needing boosters and I’m like, “Fine, but let me get the first one!”

To be clear – staying home to protect myself and others has not been a hardship. I don’t want to catch this shit, and my god, if I was an asymptomatic carrier and gave it to someone else who got really sick or died? I couldn’t live with myself.

I also know how lucky I am to have a remote job where I don’t have to be around people. I mean, that’s great any day of the week, but especially now.

Over a year of masking up, getting takeout, doing the marketing in off hours at top speed, terrible hair, front porch happy hours, and my only “social” interactions being saying hello to the wonderful baristas at Starbucks as I race in and out will finally be coming to an end.

I know it won’t happen right away, but my god, a real light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t an oncoming train.

I’ll still mask up as long as Dr. Fauci & Friends say it’s a good idea – that’s a non-issue for me. (And I suspect I will mask up in airports for the rest of my life.) And who knows when I’ll actually be able to get the shots, and I’ll keep watching our county vaccination stats to track the march towards herd immunity. But, so many fun things to contemplate!

  • Taking my time at the grocery store!
  • Breakfast at my diner!
  • Eye exam!
  • Haircut and color!
  • Short rib ragu at Trattorio Villagio!
  • The local Fall Festival!
  • Beers and Irish Coffees at my bar!
  • Hugging!
  • Ooh, maybe a massage!
  • Leisurely trips through Target, the Hallmark store, the hardware store, Sephora, and lots of other stores!

None of it is big or earth shattering. (OK, the eye exam is important and I have been living in fear of breaking my glasses this past year.) They’re just all small, nice things that I genuinely miss.

Good things are coming. While we wait, here’s a LilyButt and a LilyFace. Apparently, it’s a burrowing day.

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