You made it to another Friday!

Well done, you! And hopefully you’re closer to getting vaccinated if you’re not there already.

I am so very, very happy for everyone that has been able to get vaccinated, but THE ENVY IS REAL. And I have to say, I did *not* expect that. And it feels SO petty, because I am lucky – I have a job where I can safely work at home, and I am healthy, and there’s no real hardship in staying home. BUT OMG, I WANT THOSE SHOTS.

Woke up to hear that Prince Phillip has passed away. Unsurprisingly, BBC news is wall to wall coverage of it this morning. I know that the monarchy is weird and outdated and he was quite the prat in many ways, but my first reaction was still to be a bit sad about it.

Got myself a proper long weekend this weekend and next – HR can’t say I’m not using my PTO. And I am actually going to make a concerted effort to get my around the house to-do list cleared. Even though it’s grey and dreary and my entire being wants to go back to bed, LOL.

But the list needs to be tended to, because sometimes self-care is making sure you have clean underwear and that the kitchen counters are un-stickied because it is fucking tiny ant season.

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2 Responses to You made it to another Friday!

  1. Ashley says:

    Me, December – April 7: “When I finally get vaccinated, I am not posting about it, because vaccine inequity is real and I need to be mindful of that.”


    Also, TINY ANT SEASON, ugh! It has arrived here as well, and I ordered the deluxe box of Terro baits last week. Though I am convinced they have developed a tolerance to Borax over the years, so idk. Now the ants just march around it with audible scoffing, like “We know your deal, you’re not fooling us again.”

    • A Dreamer says:

      I get very excited for everyone I see getting it. I’m gonna be insufferable – LOOK AT ME AT TARGET! LOOK AT ME CRYING GETTING A HAIRCUT!

      For the ants, we’ve got the Raid super max whatever baits and a bottle of Myers lemon spray on the counter – if I see them, they get squirted. Dead ant + extra clean counter. Probably need to recaulk the kitchen window again.

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