Last night, they finally got their first NO HITTER!!! 8,000+ games to get there, but they finally did it!! Congrats to Joe Musgrove – that was a hell of a game he pitched.

When I went to pick up Starbucks this morning, someone saw my Padres hoodie and said, “Hey, they had a no hitter!” Me: “OMG, YES, IT WAS THEIR VERY FIRST ONE!” I am not sure he expected that enthusiastic a response.

My local Starbucks was doing the work of two stores this morning, seems the next one over had their mobile ordering go down, so there was quite the crowd patiently hanging out in the parking lot. I like that the folks around here aren’t hellbent on crowding into small spaces.

Now, given the crush, the trip took longer than usual and when I got back, oh lordy was the LilyMonster DISTRESSED.

Like, crying at the top of her little lungs the moment I walked through the door distressed. “GIRL! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING! THE BOY IS IGNORING ME AND TRYING TO SLEEP!”

After the requisite handwashing, there was much consoling and petting and reassuring that everything was OK. Then my brother came upstairs and there was much happy mewling and purring. It’s just adorable how she has decided that he needs to not spend so much time in the basement over the course of the pandemic, despite the fact that it is ya know, his living space.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on a satin pillow
All better for now

I suspect she is not going to be thrilled when the pandemic is over and we leave the house for more than 15 minutes at a time, nor will she be super excited that I have to go out and run another errand today… But at least her boy is awake and she can yell at him, LOL.

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2 Responses to MY SAN DIEGO PADRES!!

  1. Ashley says:

    OMG I think about this all the time. The cat has gotten so used to having three people in the house at all times that he absolutely panics now whenever more than one of us leaves. And if even one is gone, he sits on the back of the couch by the back door and murmurs the whole time, presumably swearing at the departee. We’re going to have to forcibly detach him from us once things open up.

    This is one of those things Dr. Fauci has not prepared us for. We need a whole press conference on Restoring Boundary-Related Pet Mental Health.

    • A Dreamer says:

      And what’s funny is that the first Friday night we didn’t go out last year, she was very, “Get OUT, I have THINGS TO DO!”

      Even now if I take too long to run an errand in her mind, she lets my brother know, very loudly.

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