Like clockwork

I schedule a day off and existing schedules either radically change, or additional stuff gets dumped on me with a short turnaround time, LOL.

HR has been fussing at us to take our PTO – fine. I’m taking this Friday and next. As of Monday, everything was totally under control, the days off were absolutely a non-issue, wouldn’t have to work late or say fuck it and show up on Friday or anything like that.

Then yesterday… “We have another feature to test” Fuck. “By the end of April” Oh, well, that’s fine, not a problem. Then look at the spreadsheet for said feature and it’s broken out into pieces – good – with target deadlines of 4/12, 4/19, and 4/23. That is not the end of April. (I shall not grumble about the fact that it appears the time estimates on these are also ridiculously low.)

It kinda defeats the purpose of taking use or lose leave when you have to work uncompensated overtime in order to have everything in a place where you can take the leave. (Much like our half-day Fridays each pay period – it’s nice, but I don’t know anyone who is actually working 4 hours less a pay period. Just give up and call it what it is – a company wide alternate work schedule.)

Worked late last night to get everything back under control again, so the rest of this short week should be relatively calm, I hope.

But good grief, it seems to happen every damn time lately.

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