Gooooood morning!

Er, afternoon now – I swear, when I started this, it was well before noon. It’s one of those fake sunny days here – bright and sunny and only in the 50s. But it’s sunny, so I will take it.

Two more tomato varieties have sprouted! The Reisenstraub and Mirabella Blanche, and exactly on time. The 4″ transplant pots can’t get here soon enough – the sunflowers are already going a bit nuts, and I’ve had to take some little kitchen bamboo skewers and tie them up for a bit of support while the stems get thicker. And today I learned that Velcro makes plant ties. Very clever, and a roll is on order.

On the Covid front… Jesus fuck, Florida. You open everything up and then act surprised when the Spring Breakers show up and go batshit. Florida voters – please stop electing people who will kill you without a second thought. Spring breakers – I hope you spend the rest of your lives stepping on legos while barefoot and in cat puke when in clean socks.

In my county, the 1B waitlist has dropped under 100K, and they’re now scheduling appointments for February 18th registrations, which is an improvement as well. But, our testing is going down, our cases are creeping up yet again, and we’re just not getting people fully vaccinated fast enough.

I *know* we’re constrained by supply, I absolutely get that. But at the rate we’re going, it will still be May before we clear the current waiting list, and well into 2022 before we can get to herd immunity – February of next year *just* to get to 75% of the over 18 population if we don’t get more supply and shots in arms.

They’re using my university’s arena as a mass vaccination site, but it’s only open 2 days a week so far. If we could get the supply to a point where it could be up and running 24/7…that would be fucking awesome.

I’m so honestly excited to see so many people get vaccinated, but it’s also disheartening to see how long it’s going to take unless something changes soon. According to the CDC, 21.11% of the over-18 population in the US has been fully vaccinated. My county isn’t even at 15% yet. (We’re lagging on total doses, too.)

So, every time I hear the US has vaccinated tons of people and “1 of every X has gotten a shot” and then I look at my county stats, I can’t help but be a little…

Side eye monkey puppet meme

Thing is, I can wait. Granted, I don’t really have a choice in the matter, but I can wait. Got my plants, the LilyMonster, the front porch, improving weather, and my brother has been a very patient pandemic buddy.

But it’s all “so close, yet so far.” Joe, you means tested me out of a stimmy, the least you can do is get me a vax.

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