Somehow I have more seeds…

Popped into the garden center and no luck on cheap bulk pots, but I’ve had such good luck with the seed starts so far, I got more, LOL. This weekend I’ll be starting Lemon Catnip, Garlic Chives, Sparkler Radishes, and Mammoth Dill. Transplant pots are winging their way here from Amazon for the rest of the starts and the front window plants.

Seed packets for Catnip, Dill, Chives, and Radishes

Also hit up the HMart for a bit of solidarity shopping for lack of a better description. It’s a great market no matter what and the only place I can get seedless mandarin oranges in quantities smaller than 5 pounds. I love mandarin oranges, but I can’t finish 5 pounds of them.

Plus, the candy selection is LIT and I always end up with a ton of it in my basket somehow. My experience with Asian markets is that they have an excellent selection of European chocolates and I have no idea why, other than pretty much everyone likes chocolate.

Choco baby candies, chocolate covered cashews, and Ritter Sport chocolate bars

And I finally hit up the CBD shop, which also happens to be Asian-American owned. I still can’t believe my stodgy little town has a CBD shop. I’ve been incredibly intrigued by CBD for a very long time, I’ve heard so many folks having very good experiences with it, so why not give it a whirl and see if it brings the overall anxiety levels down a touch. (I probably should have done this a year ago.) And if it doesn’t do shit, hey, it’s still chocolate. I’ve also heard folks say it helped them with focus, and that wouldn’t be the worst thing for my likely-ADHD ass.

Two bars of Bhumi Belgian Chocolate with CBD.

And though it is legal, I still paid with cash, for…reasons.

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