Oh Friday!

And not a moment too soon. It has not been a good week for me & technology, which is not ideal since, technology is kinda my job.

Not one, but two separate VPN clients shit the bed. First VPN is so I can remote into a client site to do some work for them. Our security software started blocking it a while back. IT turns off the security software on my machine and puts in a whitelist request. (Disabling security software – their idea, not mine – they had to remote into my machine to turn it off.) Security software re-enabled itself and I discover the whitelisting was not done. Ask IT to disable security software again and escalate whitelist request.

IT Security guy finds out, is not thrilled, I point out this was IT help desks move, not mine. He is understandably, “Dammit, disabling security should not be the first solution!” Domain gets whitelisted, security software turned back on.

Fire up VPN and… brand new fucking error – google it and, there is a brand new goddamned bug in this VPN software. Alert the client that this is now a “them” problem (complete with providing the bug # and link to software maker’s site acknowledging it – being in support never goes away) and they are now scrambling to get me a new connection client.

Second VPN…mobile app to connect to *our* systems so I can test our software on phones/tablets. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, THIS IS NOT A TRUSTED SERVER! The fuck? (It was fine like, a month or so ago.)

Back to IT… “Oh, just uncheck the “block untrusted sites” box.”
*Recalls conversation with IT Security about disabling security measures as first move*
Me: “No. That is not a solution.”
IT: “It will be fine.”
Me: “It will not.”
IT: “No, really, it will be fine.”
Me: “Says you.”
IT: “Would you like us to run this by security?”
Me: “YES.”

The above is paraphrased, but you get it. Poor help desk tech who caught this ticket – at least he was kind enough to say he really appreciated my concern for the security aspect of it all. I’m not gonna be the jackass that brings down the network. (Also, I do not understand why no one seems to be curious as to why the mobile VPN app thinks our server isn’t trusted anymore – to me that indicates something is wrong somewhere.)

And the “C” key broke on my laptop. Did you know you can buy individual replacement keys? I do now.

Here’s hoping today will be a bit less error laden.

You have a great day and congrats on making it to another Friday!

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