The zinnias were the first to appear, followed by the sunflowers the next day, then just about all the tomatoes popped and yesterday, I suddenly had snapdragons!

Honestly, I did not expect so many to sprout at all – so far, I’ve got an 89% germination rate. (Yes, I have a spreadsheet and I’m tracking this.) I’m not totally sure what to do next, LOL. I guess it’s time to hunt down some small 4″ pots or maybe some rectangular flats to transplant them? Guess I’ll have to swing by the garden center today, OH NO!

Though, I don’t recall seeing any little cheap plastic pots at the garden center – lots of nice fancy ones, but this is going to be a bulk buy, so cheap is good. I may have just been looking in the wrong spot, and given that I’m always distracted by the shop cat, it’s very possible that I have been standing right in front of them.

The front window garden is doing well, too! I’ve managed to keep everything alive, even the little rose – I discovered early on that it needs SO much water, which is fine and I’m glad I figured it out sooner rather than later when it became a crunchy dead plant. I don’t know if it’s the rose itself or the planting medium, but it’s a thirsty little plant. I also need to pick up some 6″ pots for all of them – they’re all currently in 4″ pots and I wouldn’t be shocked to discover they’re potbound – they all need more room to grow.

Shelves of houseplants - african violets, spider plants, gerbera daisies, creeping pepperomia, nerve plant, and calathea
Still alive!

I do not consider myself a Serious Gardener by any stretch of the imagination, and yet here I am with 13 living houseplants, a greenhouse with over 60 seedlings, grow lights, and bonsai shears for pruning the houseplants. My Grandma K would be very pleased with all this.

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