8 people are dead, 6 of them Asian American women. Folks who were just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.

I’m angry and sad and heartbroken. Same feelings I had after the Emmanuel church shooting, after the Pulse shooting, and every other damn mass shooting we’ve had.

Intellectually, I know it’s racism and white supremacy and violent misogyny, and in this case it seems some incredibly unhealthy attitudes towards sex.

But on a gut, emotional level – I do not get it at all. I do not understand a level of anger and hate that makes someone decide that going and killing people will solve any problems. I just do not.

These women may have been sex workers. That does not make them any less deserving of humanity, safety, and happiness.

And it’s easy for us white folks and white women to feel helpless and that we can’t fix it – white supremacy and violent misogyny is a huge problem here in the US and it can seem insurmountable.

But it’s not on any single one of us to fix it all – if we all just try to do *something* it can all add up. Support AAPI groups fighting hate. Keep an eye out for our AAPI friends and neighbors when we’re out and about. Let it be known through your words and actions that you aren’t part of the problem.

Google for local groups supporting the fight against AAPI hate crimes. Follow groups like Red Canary Song on Twitter. Don’t demonize sex workers. Call out people who are still being shitty about Covid & the AAPI community.

Be good. Be decent. Fight for our friends and neighbors.

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