I don’t know if it’s the pandemic in general, the slow rollout of the vaccine, or being on the cusp of spring, but I’m fully leaning into weird hermit cat & plant lady status.

I was back at the garden center this morning*, wandering through the greenhouse, repeatedly googling, “Will this kill my cat?” and I can report I have maxed out the space on my plant shelf in the front window. We’ve now got African Violets, Gerbera daisies, a mini rosebush, spider plants, calathea, creeping peperomia, and a nerve plant. All cat safe to boot – though she hasn’t paid a bit of attention to any of the plants, it’s not worth the risk.

Today’s additions – clockwise from top left: Spider plants, creeping peperomia, calathea, and nerve plant.

So, I have a nice mix of flowers and greens there now, and no space for any seed starting, LOL. I’m suddenly eyeing the 15″ of space between the end of the plant table and the corner of the TV stand thinking, “Hmmm, I could clear the crap out there and get some more shelves in…” Something like this!

So, I’ve got to get the little greenhouse put together – it’s literally a frame and two shelves, and while it shouldn’t take any time at all to get together, it will be easier to do in the carport and then just bring it inside. But it’s only in the 40s out there today.

But I know where I can put it and sadly, it is also the space where Amazon boxes end up and it’s quite the mess. So, this week will be clearing that out and prepping it for the shelves, and then we have a half day on Friday which will be sunny and in the 70s, so perfect for getting that put together and THEN WE START SEEDS! WEEKS TOO LATE, BUT WE WILL START SEEDS!

I figure I’m going to keep the disco grow lights going on the plant shelf until we’re getting more solid sunlight – probably mid-spring. And I also just realized while writing this that I am going to need some for the greenhouse, too – even though the planned spot is in front of the non-opening side of the back “french” door and gets some sun, they’re going to need some help. Best order that *now* so I have it next weekend.

*We’re still at the point where hardly anyone is there, even on the weekends – it’s great! So quiet that one of the cats that lives there was just stretched out and chilling at one of the checkouts. Got this shot of him yesterday deciding that despite having water bowls, the water from the watering cans in the greenhouse was better:

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