Stupid days…

You know how you have those days that start with great promise and then just turn…stupid? That was yesterday.

My “this can’t be right” bug… They rebuilt the environment cause some things had to be added to this special version. “Can you do a quick retest?” Sure. Granted, probably won’t be “quick” cause this is me, but sure. Somehow IT IS SLOWER NOW. WTF? So, now I am gonna have to go run these same tests on the not-special-version to see what is going on over there, because this shit just makes no sense.

Earlier this week, I ordered some throw pillows. My hand to god, I triple checked to make sure I was buying pillows and not just pillow covers. They arrived yesterday. They are pillow covers. I looked at the descriptions again – pillow covers. I SWEAR IT DID NOT SAY THAT WHEN I ORDERED THEM.

Yet another dumb thing – Virginia has a vaccination registration portal – Vaccinate Virginia. You can pre-register, regardless of where you are eligibility wise, and they let you know when you’re eligible. My county is not using it. Like, at all. We’re still in 1b status and the county website says they’re working on people who registered on January 19th. (Not a typo – January, not February.) We have no pre-registration at all and no apparent mechanism to be notified when we move to the next phase. There are 105K people currently on the 1b waiting list. With the data I was able to download from the state health department and some back of the envelope math – we’re moving less than 1500 people a day to a fully vaccinated status. Here’s to the ramp up I keep hearing about, cause at this rate…yikes.

But, I did remember to get a quick video of my Pintrest plant shelf last night! For reasons I can’t explain, I’m not giving up on that near dead African Violet, and today I’ve added two Gerbera Daisies (cat safe!) and another mini rose plant, even though the one I got a few weeks ago croaked within days. They’re pretty, and also cat safe – so I want to give it another whirl.

And in other good stuff, I went out and signed the petition to get my state delegate, Kathy Tran back on the ballot, and my brother was awake early enough that he came along, too. Let’s go democracy! Happy to do a very small part to keep Virginia’s legislature blue – they’ve done SO much good – lots of little things, and one really big one – we don’t have the death penalty in Virginia anymore, which is huge in my book.

My other big exciting plans for the weekend are…laundry. Maybe get inspired and plow through my entire household to-do list. It’s a wild & crazy time up in this joint. Or maybe a nap.

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