Yay, Friday!

And a downright relaxing one it should be. All my deadlines are cleared, next one isn’t until 3/17! Granted, two of the things on my to-do list are features, and given how the last feature went, I am cringing a little bit on those. But still, no deadlines today, no working late today, no logging on over the weekend.

On the Covid front, I’d *really* settled into the idea of not seeing other people until October. Now that it appears that date is moving up, I’m a bit, “oh shit, need to do some situps or something” LOL. I’m cranky with Biden about a lot of things already (I know, it’s not even been two months) but at least the man knows how to use the Defense Production Act.

Happy we’ve got that 3rd J&J single dose shot in the mix. Hearing a lot of “we should send that to marginalized/underserved communities so they can be fully vaxxed faster.” Which absolutely makes sense. But also, knowing America like I do, this is also going to result in a segment of the population going, “OK, what’s wrong with it?” Let’s be honest, we don’t have a history of giving the best stuff to black/brown/marginalized/underserved/poor communities, and that may come back and bite us in the ass.

For my window garden, in addition to my disco grow lights, I got some little LED twinkle lights to wrap around the little plant stands and it’s VERY Pinterest-esque. I’ll have to get a video of it tonight. I had some little cheap lights that I’d bought at the grocery store on a whim that were battery powered, and they burned through the batteries insanely fast. These have a USB plug, like the grow lights, so they can just be plugged into the power strip I have on that table. I love it so much! I’ll have to remember to take a video of it tonight.

Maybe this season I will become a person who can really grow things.

You go have a great day.

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