Gooooood morning!

The world may still going to hell in a handbasket, but it’s a bright sunny day here, so at least we have that.

My little grow light arrived yesterday – pretty sure I’m on some kind of watch list now, LOL. But, it’s so clever – small, adjustable, has a timer (3/6/12 hours) and dimmable. Hopefully I can bring that one violet back to life and keep the other ones happy until we’re getting decent daily sun.

Plant shelf with African Violets and two stick style grow lights over them
Grow little babies, grow!

And it runs on a USB plug, so it’s not drawing a ton of power to run, either, which is good. I’m also thinking the little greenhouse I got last year (and is still not assembled…) – I may bring that inside vs. using it outside and get my seeds started there. The trick will be finding a spot for it – it’s 33×19 – I’m looking at the back door and thinking that may be the spot – we never use that door and it would fit, and it gets decent light… Or maybe the opening between the hallway and the parlor. Either way, if it comes in, I don’t want it in the basement (even though there is ample space) – I want it somewhere I can see it and get excited about things growing.

On the work front, I *think* I’m done with the really stupid hours for a while. The feature that wouldn’t end is done. The “this doesn’t look right” bug is in limbo, cause I’ve reported the issue and waiting on the powers that be to make a decision on what to do, but my bit is done. This week’s regression testing is halfway done – I worked late last night to have everything prepped for today’s testing. I don’t like working late, but it was nice to log off knowing that this morning, I legit just have to log in and start pushing buttons and recording results instead of spending the first hour or so loading data.

Well, off to push buttons for capitalism. You have an awesome day!

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