So, a year ago this weekend

I was buying the big packages of toilet paper and paper towels. And I felt kinda silly about it, but I’d also heard about the potential for supply chain disruption for paper products and felt it wasn’t a terrible idea to make sure were stocked up. My brother even mocked me a bit for it.


It has been quite a year, to put it mildly. So much sadness – so many people lost that should still be here. I know not everyone would have made it through this – but it didn’t have to be over 500,000. I don’t think I will ever stop being angry at the last administration and its enablers. I know I will never forgive them.

Also been a year of learning experiences and such…

  • Liquid hand soap is convenient, comes in many nice smells, and destroys my hands. My fancy bar soap stash was suddenly a GREAT thing, and I went through ALL OF IT. (And I thought I had a lifetime supply in the linen closet.) Current faves:
    • Day Three Bath and Body – local-ish black owned shop I found at our local fair a couple years back. (The Orange Lemongrass is sooooooo nice, as is the Brown Sugar & Fig.)
    • Michel Design Works soaps – found these at the Hallmark store – BIG bars and nice smells
  • The only way to get the right amount of hand cream on my hands is to put on way too much and have a dedicated hand towel to get off the excess.
  • My brother has become quite the “quick and easy weeknight meal” chef. He’s done more weeknight cooking than I have. Homemade Hot Pockets FTW.
  • Getting mail order Coconut Crunch coffee from my beloved beach coffee/bookshop is still cheaper than Starbucks. And my grocery store brand Hazelnut coffee is pretty darn good, too.
  • 10 minutes in the local Hallmark shop can be an amazing indulgence.

2021 will be better.

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