It’s OMFG Friday!

Half day at work! Which if it’s like the last handful of half days, it’s gonna be a damn near full day! (I bitched about this on our company survey – if you’re gonna give us time off, you also have to change the workload.)

This out of cycle bug fix I’m testing is plaguing me – it’s a performance enhancement, and I’m not loving the speed numbers I’m seeing. We test in two stages – functional, where the fix is checked into the regular test system and we make sure it works. Then regression, where it’s then all moved to another system and we check it another time, just to be sure. And it’s all the same version – like version 1.1.1, and whoever tests functional tests regression as well.

But this one… the first round functional test is in, let’s say, 1.1.5 – but the regression test is in 1.1.3 because we’re retrofitting it for a client who can’t upgrade to 1.1.5 just yet. Someone else did the 1.1.5 functional testing and they’re saying it’s all good, but here I am in 1.1.3 regression going, “Hmmm, I don’t know…” It’s not a knock on the 1.1.5 testing, it’s just that my numbers don’t make me happy.

So, I’ve sent all my results back to the developer – hopefully they’ll say it’s fine and within reason and I can move on and enjoy my long weekend. I’m just extra paranoid on this one, because the last thing I want is for this to go to this particular client and have them go, “It’s slower now!” (Mind you, I wouldn’t want it with any client, but especially not this one.)

Welp, time to go see what the dev says. Hopefully it’s, “Stop being so paranoid, it’s fine.”

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