Who is the idiot that’s working this weekend?


This damn out of cycle, last minute schedule change bug…just fuck me.

Tried to sound the alarm that something was wrong – didn’t hear back from the dev, and basically got patted on the head from the other side of the world and told, “Oh, it’s fine.”

But, it’s NOT fine. Yes, my datasets are smaller than those that were used for the dedicated speed testing. But, they ran it 3 times – which took a while, cause it was a huge dataset. I ran it 1200 times – smaller datasets, shorter time to run, I can get more attempts in and see if there are any weird variations along the way in how long it takes to run.

The numbers just aren’t fucking right. I ran it on a second platform – so far there, it’s fine and consistent, like, rock solid consistent. This first platform, it’s just NOT RIGHT.

So, off to fire up the laptop for a little while longer to finish the second platform and send it back to dev going, “SEE, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!”

Still taking my PTO tomorrow & Tuesday. Will have to check my email throughout the day, so I know WTF is going on with this bug.

Between the last minute “lets move this up 2 weeks” to no one wanting to hear about problems, I am very pissed about this.

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