So, we’re all double masking now, right?


I don’t love it, but I’m doing it. Surgical + cloth for Starbucks/gas station/quick food pickup, KN95 + cloth for grocery store. Basically – will I be around people for more or less than 5 minutes? Those are the only places I go, living this wild and crazy pandemic life.

The cloth over both is actually good – the surgical masks tend to gap on the sides, and the KN95 gaps a bit at the chin, but the cloth cover secures both.

However, with the KN95, holy super sweaty face, Batman. Hats off to those doing it all day, every day.

It’s gonna be another hella work week. Probably with me saying “No” a lot if anyone tries to dump anything new on me – I’ve got enough work on my plate to get me through April as it is.

But – we get paid this week, half-day on Friday, and this gal is taking a 4 day weekend, where I will *not* be logging on, unlike the last two long weekends I’ve had in 2021. So, probably some late nights and a fair amount of cussing on tap, but I will finish the week with a metric assload of things marked DONE in the bug tracker.

As it is – on the page where I have all my bugs, it’s finally down to the point where I don’t have to scroll to see all of them, which is quite nice.

I still can’t really get over the fact that PTO in this department is just…announce that you’ll be out of the office. Sure, some advance notice is appreciated, but compared to the cage match to try to get time off in the last gig, it’s just such a pleasant change.

That being said, time to go grind those gears so I can log off on Friday with a clear conscience.

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