I went back upstairs last night to take another swing at the damn report printing and that system just completely shit the bed after the evening build. Like, couldn’t even log in.

Gif of Moira Rose saying You Can't Be Serious

I mean, I don’t *enjoy* working late on a Friday, but I was just so hoping I could get the damn thing done and dusted.

As it is, I’ll be working this weekend (on the system where I *can* log in) cause this feature has just taken up so much of my time, and I still have other shit to get done. It’s been a workload distribution nightmare – something is just not quite right when out of 4 testers, one person finds 19 of 26 bugs and has to be the one to re-test those 19 bugs.

And I can’t help but feel like it makes me look vaguely incompetent because the other three testers have been done with this feature for like, a month, and here I am, still testing. Sure, I rationally know that I am still testing because I kept finding bugs – but I don’t know that anyone up the chain actually knows that. Are they looking at the projected testing end date that keeps moving and thinking, “My god, what is wrong with her?”

But, it will be done here very shortly, and I’ll get caught up on the rest, and since everything on my plate is due by this coming Friday – I will be celebrating by taking a long weekend.

Is my job perfect? No. Has this feature been a disaster for me? Yes. Is this still far and away better than dealing with clients on a daily basis? OH HELL YES.

And a small bonus today is that even though I have to work, the sun is out and there is still a bit of snow on the ground, so the house is positively flooded with natural light. Add in a bigassed cold brew courtesy of my little brother who made the Starbucks run this morning, and it’s a hella mood enhancer.

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