Happy Tuesday!

And a happy Tuesday it will be – the system that just shit the bed on Friday night was finally brought back up last night so today – THE FEATURE TESTING THAT WOULDN’T END WILL FINALLY END.

It will be the first thing I do once I get back upstairs. I want this feature off my to-do list SO MUCH. I did get a shout out on an email showing our bug burndown for the week cause I knocked out 16 bugs last week – granted, it was all this one feature, but I’ll take some recognition.

Honestly, if I had known this feature would take up something like 2 1/2 months of my life, I would have run away and joined the circus. It’s been an exercise in perpetual frustration, from “it won’t print and all and there are no dev resources to look at it for weeks” to finding bug after bug long after other testers had moved on to other things.

And then, “Oh, since you’ve tested so much, can you review the documentation?” Sure – only to find there was no example of the report itself in the documentation, and the second part of the report is really fucking confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at (and clients looking at it for the first time will not) – so it sounds like we’ll at least have that, so that was some time well spent to look at it and go, “Wait, this is all?”

But it will be done today, and hopefully I will never have to look at it again, ever.


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