Aging is annoying

I have once again managed to injure myself IN MY SLEEP. Slept on my shoulder wrong and pinched a nerve right up at the top, right where my bra strap would be. It’s not debilitating and I’ve got full range of motion, it’s just quite an “Ow, WTF” thing.

So, that Super Bowl – I knew they were going to have fans there, I did not know they were going to have 25,000 people in the stands and god knows how many running around the stadium partying without masks. That is going to turn out to be a bigassed super spreader event.

Between events like this, the SA variant and the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work the way most people traditionally think vaccines work – I don’t see how we get out from under this.

My Northern Virginia health district peaked 1/8 with a 7 day case average of 1,465 cases – we’re now back down to a 7 day average of 534, which is roughly the same peak we saw back in April. So, we’re going the right direction again – but we were saying that in June and it all went to shit when fall hit.

So, fuck if I know how this plays out. But, keep masking up, getting carryout, and being safe.

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2 Responses to Aging is annoying

  1. Ashley says:

    UGH, I’m so sorry about your nocturnal wounding. 😦

    One of my sisters lives in Tampa. Late last week she and her husband refilled her inhalers and stocked their pantry and freezer chest with four weeks’ worth of food. They know what’s coming.

    • A Dreamer says:

      I was just gobsmacked when I saw the photos. I thought there would be maybe 10K, which is too much anyway, but you can at least get REALLY spread out.

      I am just really getting very done with money over public health.

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