So, how are you sleeping these days?

I’m getting my usual quantity – but the quality is kinda shit. Weird, weird dreams – I can’t remember the specifics of them now, but they were definitely related to the current news cycle.

Things I have recently learned: Congress can ban 45 from holding federal office, even without impeaching him. They should do that. And the second this violent asshole is out of office, the media should never cover him again.

We shouldn’t be giving microphones to people who incite violence. It’s very simple.

I’m not looking forward to four years of wondering what his asshole cult is going to try and blow up next. That’s his legacy. Violence.

And Pence won’t invoke the 25th. IDK, if my boss sent a mob to kill me, I would invoke the 25th, not pardon them, and deliver a sharp kick in the nuts to boot. I just don’t understand WTF is going on in Pence’s head.

His career should be 110% over no matter what he does – so, just get the fucker out of office before he gets even more people killed.

And to every R out there still supporting 45? Fuck. You.

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