8 days, 3 hours

I don’t think I have ever in my life been this anxious to see someone take the Oath of Office.

Even if we are starting it off with me yelling at Biden – jackass, I don’t care if you’re not afraid of doing the inaugural outdoors, THINK ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS.

Putting everyone’s safety first is NOT a sign of fear or weakness. It’s just fucking smart.

And I really, REALLY want my company to say something about all this. Something that says “Nazis aren’t welcome here.” I need to hear it. My coworkers who come from marginalized communities need to hear it. People who should find another fucking job definitely need to hear it.

I know they just want to keep their heads down and ride it out. Easy to do when you’re a C-Suite resident. Not as easy for others.

I just want this monster out of office and held accountable along with all his enablers.

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