Despite plague and insurrection

We have made it to another Friday! And the multi-state lotteries are both huge and yeah, I’ve gotten a couple tickets. Fun to have something not related to the current death and destruction in the world to ponder.

When I win (why not when instead of if?) – beach house. Condo in Williamsburg in case of hurricanes. New Jeep. Then I’m going make a job of giving a fuckton of it away. How much fun would that be?!

Back in the shitty real world, sounds like Biden’s stimulus plan is pretty good, but they’ve got to fix that $1400 bit – for everyone going, “Well, it would have been $2K total in the last bill” – well, that was last month, it didn’t happen, and D’s campaigned on $2K *after* that, not on $1400. Plus, that $600 that did go out is long gone for most folks.

And it also needs to be monthly, retroactive to March and not means tested. My genuine fear is that Congress is going to dick around and then go “ohhhh, pandemic is over, we’re good!” and there are going to be folks that will not recover for years from the financial hits they’ve taken – if they ever recover.

We gotta make people whole.

Welp, gotta go do the thing for capitalism just in case the lottery doesn’t work out this weekend.

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