Sure, let’s just work today

That’s going to be perfectly fine and normal. Much like my brain deciding to use sleep time to go through my mental rolodex of contacts trying to figure out who may have gone to the Capitol on Wednesday. Totally normal.

I don’t actually think anyone I know went, so I don’t know why my brain is deciding to double check this. I do know at least two of my coworkers in my old department are 45 supporters (thanks, FB…don’t know why folks in that department are so keen on FB friending) – but when they advertised it, one new hire who was under their purview who struggled mightily made more sense. She was black. It’s not something that could ever be proven, but…

As far as my current department… Don’t really know. My other US coworker, probably not. Immediate supervisor – I think he cares too much about Covid to also be a 45 supporter. Director above, who knows, but leaning towards no. C-Suiter above him? Anything is possible, but again, leaning towards no.

Mind you, they could all be fucking fascists and my brain is just trying to protect me, because I like them all, and I don’t want to like fascists.

And because it’s Monday and American Capitalism stops for nothing, it’s time to go do the thing.

Hang in there.

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