Well, I don’t know about y’all

But I am INCREDIBLY offended at Republicans calling for unity right now.

Sorry, no unity without accountability. Do they not understand what the President did? Do they REALLY not get it? Or do they just not want to face any consequences? (I’ll take what’s behind door #3, Bob.)

He sent an armed mob to kill the Vice-President and anyone else they could get their hands on – with the help of some Capitol Police who *let them in* – they were only saved because a Black officer managed to send them on a wild goose chase while doors were being locked – as the rioters screamed the n-word at him.

The President and his supporters did this to them.

And they don’t want to hold him accountable? They want him to run again? They want his continued involvement with their party? They want support from people WHO WANTED TO MURDER THEM?

I’m sure Abigail Spanberger just loved getting to use her CIA training to tell her colleagues to take off their Congressional pins so they couldn’t be instantly identified, while hoping these folks didn’t know what any of their reps actually looked like.

Every non-political worker in those Congressional buildings probably needs a fuckton of therapy after Wednesday, and probably won’t be able to get it, because American Health Care.

But the Republicans want to walk away from this like it never happened and claim those of us who want accountability and consequences aren’t interested in “unity”.

I have no interest in that kind of unity.

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