More cookies acquired!

Now we definitely have enough for distribution and increased pandemic snacking. And a couple of ham & cheese croissants to boot. And a couple chocolate swiss army knives and white chocolate snowman lollipops for stockings. I have no impulse control.

When I ran in the bakery this morning, they had Christmas music on and I found myself bouncing along with it and realized – I’ve spent so much time at home, this was really the first time I’d actually heard any Christmas music this season. Told the clerk I knew he must be sick of it, but it was very nice and festive and legit cheered me up.

I also emailed the bakery thanking them for just being awesome. (And given the “OMG, thank you!” response, it sounds like folks have been…challenging this year.)

I’m still having problems processing that Christmas is less than a week away. Time is just so very, very broken these days. The good news is that I have cookies and I’m only waiting on one last gift to arrive.

Lily’s shopping is done – mostly treats – some of her existing toys will be wrapped up in tissue paper because she already has a fuckton of toys (and she was literally just playing with trash) and OMG, TISSUE PAPER, HOW DID YOU KNOW?

Cookies have been dropped at the vet’s office, the other boxes have been stuffed and ribboned and are ready to go. The rest are ALL FOR US!! (And yes, getting more this morning was the correct move.)

And I am going to sit back and do jack shit for the rest of the afternoon.

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