Little Christmas Miracles

I don’t know what made me go back and look again at the most recent status email on this feature I’m testing that the bug assigner sends – it’s basically the same thing every week, the only thing that changes is the % complete.

The finish date was moved out by 12 days.

No one actually mentioned it, it just got moved a couple weeks ago and despite the fact that I *do* actually look at these emails – it did not register that the date had changed. (Probably because I was not looking for the date to change.)

I emailed the gal who assigns the bugs and thanked her for giving me a time machine.

I feel like an idiot for it not clicking that the date had changed, but 12 extra days is 12 extra days. (Seriously, those dates never change.)

Still going to work next week, but HALF DAYS, BAYBEE!!

Hit my beloved Swiss Bakery after work – we have cookies and I have a weekend back! But maybe not enough, I may run back in the morning for another pound… And if I get there early, I may be able to snag one of their ham & swiss croissants. So good, but sell out quick.

So, if nothing else, between the “surprise” schedule change and acquisition of cookies, I am going into the weekend very relaxed.

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