How am I awake?

Didn’t get to bed til around midnight – wide awake at 6:15 AM. Which, given that we’ve got a half day today and they’re moving some servers I use at 1PM so I can’t work past that, and I have a fuckton of work to do – not the worst thing in the world to get an early jump on the day.

I emailed the gal who assigns all the bugs to say, “Um…yeah, I can’t get all that done properly by Tuesday…” Told her I could take a high level swing at it all to check for any obvious problems, but real detailed work would take far longer, and I’d at least update the bug tracker when the high level look is done. I felt like shit having to admit I am not Superwoman.

Response? Oh, no worries, that will be fine, thank you for all your work on this so far, just wanted to make sure you know which ones were assigned to you.

OK, then. Of course, I’m also held up by a print issue that my developer can’t fix and needs a different team and they have no resources to look at it right now – this server move happening today could theoretically help – it’s for a performance problem on a different part of our software and my print issue is with really honking big print runs – we’ll see on Monday I guess.

Granted, all this still trashes most of my leave plans even if it doesn’t have to be done by Tuesday, but eh, they upped the amount of leave we can roll over this year so I won’t lose any, and it’s not like I was going to go anywhere or do anything – I just needed to burn leave before next Friday.

I did realize that though we sent someone (I don’t even remember who now) our PTO plans at the beginning of the year, I don’t think our bug assigner ever sees them and they end up changing anyway. At the beginning of the month, I usually just send my supervisor my PTO dates for the month – well past time to CC her on those just so she knows what’s up. (It’s another one of those “coworkers on the other side of the planet” challenges. It’s so hard to not be able to just *talk* with them.)

But it is just also one of those, yay, the reward for decent work is more work! (Still don’t understand why these 10 bugs couldn’t have been split between the four of us doing the testing on this feature, but OK.)

Gif of white monkey asking WHY

And despite having a 2 1/2 day weekend coming up in about 6 hours – Christmas baking is just not happening this year. I am very tired this year, even moreso than usual. But, we do have an excellent local bakery and I am going to swing by this afternoon and get a fuckton of tea cookies and tiny Swiss chocolates to distribute. Win-win – everyone loves tea cookies and no one ever buys them for themselves, a local business is helped, and I give myself a break this year. And if any year has called for any kind of break – it is this year.

Still feeling horribly inadequate about, well, everything this week, but it seems to be going around – just given who I follow on Twitter, everyone has just hit a damn wall. I can’t help but think a tiny bit is seeing that the vaccine is here – and yet SO far away, plus the holidays, and at least for me, work isn’t doing any kind of holiday slowdown. (And yet it seems like half the people around me at work are out for the next week or two…)

But, it some good news – THE CHRISTMAS SEES CANDY IS SHIPPING TODAY!! It has been a Christmas tradition since I was a kid to have this candy in the house at the holidays. We get an assorted box and then a couple custom pack boxes (I love, love, LOVE that you can get a box of your handpicked favorites) – when I ordered on… 12/7, they were already saying there had been an overwhelming demand for the custom boxes and they couldn’t guarantee Christmas delivery. Ordered anyway – hey, New Year’s chocolates are good, too – but it looks like we may have it by Christmas after all. And I shouldn’t have been surprised – if there was any year folks would be a) sending more chocolate and b) saying, “dammit, we’re getting all our faves” – it’s this year.

No chocolate jimmies on top of the Bordeauxs this year – but that’s OK, they make them rather messy anyway, and it’s the gooey goodness on the inside that matters. I do appreciate that they took the time to say, “Hey, we had to change some decorations this year, the candy may look a little different, but it’s still the same!” (Cause you KNOW people will flip their shit.)

I’m so very tired, but it is Friday, we have a short day today, two short weeks in a row, and chocolate is incoming.


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