No good deed and all that…

So, those 9 bugs I found working on this new feature? (Now 10 after yesterday?)

They’ll ALL got assigned back to me for retesting, with an email asking if it could be done by 12/22…

Theoretically, I can check for them as I retest the entire feature itself, but even that won’t be done by 12/22 – and I’m only testing three high level scenarios (which I then go nuts with the details and various permutations.)

But to do a deep dive on *all* scenarios on each individual bug in two systems – can’t get 9 of those done by 12/22.

I can do a high level check on all of them, but to really do them properly – it just can’t be done that fast. That’s going to be a fun email to write this morning.

I’m good, but I’m not THAT good.

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