Hey, we’ve got a vaccine!

Of course, we didn’t order enough and the administration tainted the approval process cause they couldn’t just shut the fuck up for a day, but folks will start getting vaccinated here very soon.

The Moderna vaccine should get through the approval process soon as well, which is great – the more we have, the better. I can’t think of any others doing as well as these two, though, but hopefully we’ll have a few others with equally high effectiveness.

For the folks getting it in the first round – I can’t even fathom how much of a relief it will be when the day hits after they’ve gotten the two rounds and gone past the “let the immune response happen” period (2 weeks is what I keep hearing) – to just know that they’ll be so much safer doing their jobs, or just living in this whole mess.

Granted, a 50 state + territories distribution system is going to be a clusterfuck, but it will hopefully all work out somehow. Our state health department will be doing a townhall next week with info – I have it on my calendar, as while I know I’m very low on the list to get the vaccination, I have ZERO idea where or how we’re supposed to get it when the time comes.

My plea to other folks in the “last” group – everyone who gets the vaccine before us, helps us. BUT DON’T START DOING STUPID SHIT JUST YET. Do stupid shit AFTER your two shots & waiting period. Mask up, wash your hands, get carryout, talk to your friends & family online. It sucks, but it will be worth it.

On the work front, they upped the amount of leave we can carry over (and of course, waited til the last minute to tell us) – and I had been in the “oh shit, gotta burn leave” group – so I’ve got this coming Friday and then the week of Christmas scheduled off, but I’ve decided I’ll at least pop on for a few hours every morning – combo of getting some things done and conserving some PTO for next year.

I want the “extra” leave available for a day off after either shot, in case I have the “feel like ass” reaction, and then two days when I hit the “you can do things again” point – one day to get a damn haircut, even if it is in the middle of the week, and the day after, cause I’m going out drinking AT MY BAR and I’m going to be hungover as fuck.

Is it a healthy plan? Probably not. Do I care? Not really.

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