So, do you need any dinneware?

OK, weird question, I know, but stay with me here.

I am not really one to buy campaign merchandise, but a couple weeks back I got text from Elizabeth Warren’s campaign – they were having a sale. (Black Friday, probably.) Well, I finally got the Billionaire Tears mug – I’ve wanted it for a while and it just tickles me for various reasons, and – on sale.

Well, it arrived, and it is a GREAT mug – made in the US (of course) and has a nice weight to it, AND THE HANDLE STAYS COOL WHEN YOU PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE. (I make a lot of instant coffee. This is important.) Basically, really good stuff here.

So, on the bottom, the manufacturer is stamped into the ceramic – HF Coors out of Arizona. I looked up their website, they do both commercial and retail/home products.

Lots of pretty patterns – mostly with a Southwest theme, and regular white as well.

So in short, good products, made here, and MICROWAVE SAFE. So, if you’ve been thinking, “I need new plates/mugs/whatnot.” – give them a look!

White coffee mug that says Billionaire Tears on it
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