Jabs for all the UK Grannies and Grandpas!

I don’t know about you, but seeing Margaret Keenan get her Covid vaccine yesterday did me a world of good. So grateful to all around the world who volunteered for the trials.

This thread from Shep – they volunteered and this is why – we need more Shep’s in the world. (Really, click through and read the whole thing, it will make you feel better.)

Of course, then I found out that the administration passed on buying additional doses… Took a bit of the wind out of my sails. And 45 is all “Oh, we’ll make it happen” but from what I understand that EO he signed yesterday is worthless, like most of them.

I’m assuming at the time when they turned down the extra doses, they assumed they would still be in office and would just be able to somehow extort them out of Pfizer.

Given that it sounds like the current administration hasn’t done shit on distribution and isn’t really helping the transition team, I really, REALLY hope Biden’s people are talking directly with Pfizer, Moderna, state Governors, et al to be able to truly hit the ground running at 12:01PM on 1/20. (Seriously, we need to fix this ridiculous lame duck period. It’s never really been a huge problem before now, but of course, 45 fucks up everything.)

Just gotta get through a few more months. Just wish it wasn’t basically everyone on their own like the last nine months.

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