Oh, 2020…

You didn’t have to go after my neighbor’s car like that.

Yesterday, I was working and heard what sounded like a trash can getting dragged down the street. I looked out the window and saw, yes, a trash can knocked over and trash strewn about – thought that the wind must have caught it just right.

Then I realized there hadn’t been enough wind to actually pick up one of the bins. Went out to check. Well, a couple doors up someone is having some work done. There was a work truck and one of those flat trailers. Except the trailer was no longer hooked to the truck and had rolled down the street. It took out the trash can, a mailbox, relocated a basketball hoop, and came to rest on the front of my neighbors car.

One of the workers was at the trailer with this “Oh fuck me” look on his face – I asked if anyone was hurt and he kinda looked like he didn’t understand, so I figured maybe if he did speak English, that skill had understandably fucked off when the trailer went rogue – of course, I couldn’t quite remember how to ask “are you hurt” in Spanish and ended up asking, “Do you have the pain?” We established though he may have had an abundance of emotional pain, no one was hurt.

Props to my neighbor who walked out, completely calm, phone in hand and I assume just called the insurance company as the car was picked up this morning. The way this year has gone, I suspect I would have just burst into uncontrollable sobbing. That gal has nerves of steel. (She also has two kids, which has to somehow help you just deal better when small disasters strike.)

Really 2020, just knock it off. Take the rest of the year off.

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