Goooooooood morning!

So, my dumb ass was up until 2AM drinking and shooting the shit with my brother last night – I pushed my weekend alarm back an hour to 11:30, cause the plan was to SLEEP ALL THE SLEEPS.

I woke up at 8:30.

I have made my Starbucks run (the Ham/Egg/Swiss sandwich will cure what ails you) and did a dash into the market. Thanksgiving shopping is now down to one critical item: the turkey breast. That is tomorrow’s quest. (And a quest I suspect it will be – had to go to 4 different markets last year to find one.)

But, we have just about everything else. Brie, smoked gouda, and gruyere cheeses. (I may still add a sharp cheddar to that mix.) Salami trio. Sea salt bagel chips and butter crackers. (If I remember, need Triscuits, too.) Tons of accompaniments. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. ALL THE GRAVY. Crescent rolls. Pickles. (Sweet *and* dill!) Garlic-Herb rub for the turkey.

And french fried onions, that I may just be eating straight from the container. (Why would you waste these on green bean casserole when they’re so delightful on their own?!)

Maybe I’ll also whip up a batch of cheesy ranch bacon dip?

Oh shit, one other thing – my market has tiny single serving pies. Need to grab an apple & pecan sometime this week. They are adorable. (Why they do not have pumpkin is beyond me.) Ohh, I should probably get some good vanilla ice cream to go with them, too.

Dammit, every time I think I’m ready for Thursday, I think of a half dozen other things.

But, at least for today, everything that needs to be done outside the house is done, and the only thing I really *need* to do inside the house is some laundry. It’s gonna be a super lazy day around here.

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