It. Got. Worse.

Yesterday afternoon, on top of everything else this week, I BROKE A CLIENT DATABASE.

Test database, and they know we are Doing Things with it, so, not the end of the world, but FUCK ME.

And mind you, this *was* at the direction of the Director of Engineering, and I’d told him at the outset, “If this blows up, I am telling everyone it’s your fault” – and he agreed that was fair, but I am the one that pushed the button.

When it happened, I really couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh, cry, or fling myself out the window. So, I email Director & Senior Engineer, tell them what happened, and… “Oh, don’t worry about it, just keep mashing those buttons and processing those files we sent…”

I mean, it’s a VERY BIG DEAL to me, but, hey this is why they make the big bucks.

They give me more files to process, and *boom* more errors.

It’s one of our half-day Fridays and we have hit that half-day point. I haven’t slept decently all week, I’m exhausted and still need to run to the grocery store, and I’m very ready to just log off. So…I suggest that we tackle this fresh on Monday morning.

So, I hold my breath for a few minutes wondering if I have stepped in it, and my Director agrees Monday is fine and wishes me a nice weekend.

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