Everything this week has been like pulling teeth.

One of my devs had Outlook eat a day of her emails, so a day lost where I was thinking she was just very busy (not unusual) when in fact, she had no idea I’d contacted her.

Support issue w/a big client that’s been bouncing around for a week or so – only today did I find out that support *did* recreate the issue in house – and I was able to do the same.

Trying to test something in parallel w/someone on the other side of the world – my half is done now *finally* – no fucking clue where they are in the process. Almost done? Not started? Somewhere in the middle? Who knows.

Something I’m working on for an unreleased version (no immediate deadline) – doing it in my spare time and it’s just…so…freaking…slow…because my dumbass went overboard in my test plan.

And another defect where, well, fuck, I don’t know what’s going on with it – the dev appears to be making more changes, I *think* in response to something I pointed out, but they also said that was a separate issue and we opened a separate defect for it, so… I don’t know.

Everything will sort itself out, as it always does, but I am going to get a big bruise on my head from beating it into a wall this week.

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