15 days

Until election day. (I think. At least that is what the Twitters are telling me. I already voted, and I rarely know what day it is anymore.)

If you haven’t voted yet, please, please, PLEASE make your plan to vote and execute it. We have to stop this nightmare of an administration.

And we’re going into a damn third wave of Covid. And I am mystified because we *know* what to do and it’s SO DAMN EASY.

– Wear a fucking mask.
– Stay six feet apart when you’re out and about
– Get carryout for dinner
– Wash your hands

OK, I’m oversimplifying a bit, but it’s not much more complicated than that.

I miss going to my bar. I miss having a sit down meal in a restaurant. (God, I so miss my Saturday morning breakfast at my diner.) I miss taking a leisurely browse through a retail store. I miss just hanging out with people for no reason, just sitting and shooting the shit. I miss having not-my-natural-color hair without a fuckton of split ends.

My big indulgence these days is running in and out of Starbucks when I’ve flaked and not made my own cold brew. I swear, I get an endorphin rush just saying good morning to the folks working there.

I miss all of it. But not enough that I am willing to get Covid, or worse, get it and pass it on to someone else.

And then I see pictures and videos of folks out jammed up next to each other, no masks, not a fucking care for others – and it makes me so angry and sad. And the tangerine tyrant is leading it all. (I should not be surprised he managed to get Covid and it made him *more* of an ass about it.)

I’ll never forgive 45 for the way the administration handled this, nor will I forget. More importantly, I will never, ever forgive the Republican party who enabled him and just marched in lockstep with him.

I will be watching the “never Trumpers” – I suspect their dislike of him is just that he keeps saying the quiet part out loud, not that they are upset with a single policy that has come out of this administration.

It’s not enough to just have him out of office. Every last one of his quiet enablers needs to go as well. Almost 220,000 dead and near 8 million infected with who knows what kind of long-term health consequences.

Things have got to change – and in 15 days, we have a real chance to do it.

Please vote.

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