It’s rare that I ever think to myself, “Damn, I am so glad my dentist could fit me in for a diagnostic visit tomorrow,” especially in the middle of a pandemic.

But damn, that is how much my fucking tooth is bothering me. It’s definitely going to be antibiotics + root canal in a week, and probably a crown to boot, but hell at this point, anything to make me feel less like total dogshit. (Fuck, I’d drill a hole in it myself if I thought it would help right now.)

And I’m so angry, because I’ve been so damn diligent so I didn’t *have* to do this. (Seriously, there are spools of dental floss scattered all over the house, specifically because I kept having problems with getting food caught next to THIS PARTICULAR TOOTH, so I was being extra careful, to no avail.)

And I have so much I want to get done around the house today, and I kinda just want to go back to bed with a heating pad on my face. (I took a decongestant hoping it might help with some of the pressure, but it doesn’t seem to be doing jack shit just yet.)

And I have to still run a couple errands, because the closest grocery store didn’t have good marsala wine or risotto, and little bro has a fancy birthday dinner coming up at the end of the week, and ingredients must be procured.

So, off to Total Wine (and I somehow see a nice bottle of port landing in my basket) and another market to find risotto, which I really thought would be simpler, cause the local market *used* to have it all the time.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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