We didn’t get stickers, but you could take the pen home with you:

Two hours and twenty two minutes to vote. 30 years of voting and I’ve never been in a line that long. (And I realize I am incredibly lucky that it isn’t the norm.)

But I unreservedly cast my vote for Biden/Harris.

Warner & Connolly get another crack at it.

No on a redistricting plan amendment (Virginia Legislative Black Caucus is not in favor, and that’s good enough for me. Bipartisan <> Nonpartisan. Also, the R’s are pushing hard for it, which sadly, automatically makes it a bit suspect.)

Yes on an amendment giving an additional tax break for disabled veterans – that’s an easy one.

Bonds – sure on all of them. Parks & Rec (Leslie Knope would be happy), Libraries, Health & Human Services, and Transportation. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever voted against a bond referendum.

The county D’s & R’s had their tents there surrounded by all their candidate signs and such, and the R’s had this gem:

I eyerolled so hard at that I almost pulled something.

But, all in all, other than taking fucking forever, not bad – everyone masked up and keeping distance. A lady working security had everyone applaud anytime she found a first time voter in line.

I would have so preferred to just get my ballot by mail and drop it off, but why should I trust that an envelope clearly marked as election material would actually make it to my house these days? I know other folks in my district have gotten them – I’ve just not had great luck with the USPS this past month.

But the important thing is – I voted, and as always, it felt great.

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